Today’s Headlines for Friday, June 24

  • Emanuel Interested in More Metra Electric Service — Cheaper Than Red Extension (Tribune)
  • Woman Stabbed to Death on Red Line Near 47th (ABC)
  • Police Cite Drivers for Not Stopping for Pedestrians In Multi-Neighborhood Sting (DNA)
  • City Council Finalizes Rules for Wrigley Field Plaza (DNA)
  • Argyle Shared Street Will Require Public to “Shift Perspective” (Chicagoist)
  • Alleys Make Chicago the “Alley Capital of America” (Reader))
  • Wavy Divvy: Bike-Share Cycle Recovered From Lake Michigan (DNA)
  • CTA Performer Not Afraid to ‘Panda’ to Riders’ Taste in Hip-Hop (DNA)

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  • david vartanoff

    Nice to see Rahm might actually think about using assets already in place or easily upgradeable. As to the supposed impediments, Cubic (ventra vendor) “Clipper” cards in the SF Bay Area handle distance based fares on BART (the subway) and zone fares on Caltrain–a clone of Metra diesel hauled trains w/ card readers on the platforms and occasional fare checkers on the trains.
    Restoring platforms at the 4 previous South Shore Line stations between Kensington and Hegewisch is cheap compared to any new ROW. Also worth doing would be the former MED station at 130th & Indiana giving CTA #34 riders a quicker ride north. A look at Google Earth shows the former station location w/a closed off area where the stairs down to the sidewalk once were.

    The major issue is finding operating funds to put the MED cars to work instead of sitting idle between AM and PM rush.

  • Chicagoan

    Is the idea to do to the Electric Line what was done in Evanston and Oak Park (CTA & Metra side by side)?

  • No. All passenger trains would run on the same set of tracks (although there’s extensive express trackage).

  • Chicagoan

    Does anyone know why the Brown and Red lines have been so horrid today? On a Red Line train to Howard Street and it’s been crawling in sections.

    Same issues in the AM.

  • david vartanoff

    MED has much unused capacity. RTA should be implementing ventra on all of the commuter trains. Once the readers for same are in place and the software installed, the RTA can stop paying ticket punchers. Random “challenges” are sufficient to enforce POP as is demonstrated daily on multiple transit systems worldwide including most US “light rail”.
    One of the major advantages then becomes using MED as the faster link between for instance a crosstown bus from home to either the L or a different bus to go further. Rider/taxpayers should have access to the best possible routing without paying multiple fares within the same service area. Go here to see Mike’s full project site

  • Brian Sheehan

    If this were ever done, another thing I’d recommend are short eastward extension of the Red and Green Lines to reach the MED line – Red Line to Olive Harvey in the Bishop Ford median (with station complex at 99th and Cottage Grove), and Green Line to Dorchester/63rd, which would probably have to be underground to not piss off the neighbors.


Today’s Headlines for Monday, July 25

Hit-and-Run Driver Who Ran Red, Killing Another Motorist, Charged With Felony (Tribune) Storms Disrupt ‘L’ Service, Knock Metal Canopy onto 3rd Rail Near Medical Center (Tribune) Newly Opened Halsted Bridge by Blue Line Includes a Mid-Block Crossing (DNA) Metra Koan: If a Tree Falls & No One Hears It, Does It Still Disrupt Service? (Sun-Times) […]

Today’s Headlines

Blue Line’s O’Hare Station Reopens a Week After Collision (Tribune, Sun-Times) CTA, Kelly Argue Over the Number of Hours O’Hare Crash Driver Worked (Tribune) Nodding Off Is a Much More Common Problem on the Road Than on the Rails (Tribune) Santa Cruz Hires Clifford, Saving IL Taxpayers More Than $200K in Severance (CBS) Police: Man […]

Today’s Headlines

Metra CEO Claims Fare Hike Not Responsible for Decline in Ridership (Active Trans) Brown, Purple Service Interruptions Start Due to Wells Bridge Construction (Tribune) #33 Mag Mile Express Bus to Stop Running After CTA, Metra Fail to Make Deal (Tribune) Off-Duty Firefighter Charged With Reckless Homicide in Fatal Tinley Park Crash (Tribune, Sun-Times) CTA Driver […]

Today’s Headlines

Jason Prechtel’s White Whale: Finding Out Exactly Why the CTA Switched to Ventra (Reader) 2 Men Arrested for “Inhibiting the Flow of Traffic” at Black Lives Matter Protest (Tribune) CDOT Is Reversing the Direction of the Alley Next to the Chicago Cultural Center (Sun-Times) Smooth Move: Yacht Club Worker Rescues Driver After He Plunges Car […]

Today’s Headlines for Monday, June 27

Bouquets and Brickbats for Friends of the Parks Following Lucas’ Departure (DNA) A Byproduct of the Lucas Drama: Bears Get to Set Parking Rates on Game Days (DNA) Driver Injures Child on Stateboard in Alley Behind Giddings Plaza (DNA) New Ordinance Formally Creates the Shared Street Pilot Program on Argyle (CDOT) Shocking News! UberPool Is […]

Today’s Headlines for Friday, May 1

1,400 Residents From 43 Wards Have Contacted Officials Asking Them to Save Kinzie PBLs (Active Trans) City Floats Idea of Express Bus From Blue Line to Navy Pier, Along With Other Routes (DNA) Ashland Opponent Erroneously Claims Light Rail Only “Slightly More Expensive” Than BRT (Gazette) 66-Year-Old Man Killed in Car-Semi Crash in Pullman (Tribune) Man […]