Today’s Headlines for April 16

  • CDOT Has Already Started Installing Red Pavement for Loop Link BRT (DNA)
  • Divvy Starts Expansion, Opens Attractions at Airports, Announces Data Challenge Winners (Curbed)
  • Ald. Reilly Introduces Ordinance to Force CDOT to Move Kinzie PBL to Grand (Sun-Times)
  • Why Are Twin Cities Growing So Much Faster Than CHI? Transit & TOD Are Factors (Chicago)
  • Driver Dies After Crashing Van Into House in Hegewisch (Tribune)
  • 1 Dead After Truck-Car Crash in SW Suburban Elwood (Tribune)
  • Motorist Who Intentionally Struck 2 Men on NW Side Charged With Aggravated Battery (Tribune)
  • IDOT’s “The Driving Dead” Web Miniseries Promotes Safety With Zombies (Tribune)
  • Safety-Conscious Cabbie Asks Customers to Buckle Up (DNA)
  • Ex-CDOT Clerk Pleads Guilty to Embezzling Nearly $750K in Permit Fees (Tribune)
  • Developer Plans to Replace Parking Lot by Morgan Stop With 81 Apartments (Curbed)
  • U of C Students Propose Turning Failed Block 37 Superstation Into a Data Center (Crain’s)

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  • Anne A

    I’ve been seeing the BRT construction at least a few times each week. They’re really moving along.

  • CompleteStreets>WardPolitics

    Any idea whether Reilly is going to be successful in removing the Kinzie bike lane? I really hope not, and I don’t really understand the argument that removing the bike lanes would create more capacity for cars because there is not enough space for more than one continuous car lane in each direction.

    One step forward, two steps back…

  • SP_Disqus

    Here’s a link to an Active Trans petition against the removal of the Kinzie PBL:

  • The Divvy expansion started Monday. According to the Divvy Station & Bike Availability API (I guess you could just call this “Divvy Tracker”) shows that there are now 320 stations installed, an increase of 20 stations!

    Divvy Tracker data:

  • Red pavement is an enormous (and serious) upgrade over the failed red-painted asphalt of a decade ago on Jackson and Adams.

  • StefanieA

    Does anyone know where Divvy’s sourcing the new bikes and stations? I was under the impression that new bikes and stations weren’t being manufactured during the Bixi bankruptcy and subsequent Alta-Motivate shuffle.

  • Is the red mixed into the goop/dyed into the aggregate?

  • Interesting. It sent it to someone who is NOT my alderman. I think their “spot where an address is” algorithm is wrong, or is at least running off the old ward map (which has not been in actual effect for more than a year).

  • RW

    I’d agree- it seems to be running off the old ward map. My letter went off to my former alderman.

  • BlueFairlane

    There were two continuous car lanes there between the Milwaukee-DesPlaines intersection and the bridge before they installed the bike lane. I suspect it would just go back to the arrangement it had before.


Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, November 18

CDOT: Speed Cams Have Resulted in an 18% Reduction in Injury Crashes Within Safety Zones Kidwell’s Latest Crusade: Defending Rights of Drivers to Go 10+ MPH Over Speed Limit (Tribune) Plans to Remove Red Light Cams in Edison Park Dropped After Residents Say They’re Needed (DNA) More Coverage of the Light Sentence for the Drunk Driver […]

Today’s Headlines for Monday, August 24

Sun-Times Claims Ashland BRT is Dead, “For Good Reason,” Endorses O’Hare Express Boondoggle RTA Hopes It Will Receive a Funding Bump, Rather Than a Cut, in the Coming Year (CBS) Ex-CTA Chief Financial Officer Is Joining Claypool at Chicago Public Schools (Tribune) Man Dies After Single-Car Crash in Lincoln Square (Sun-Times) 7 Injured After CTA Bus […]

Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, July 20

A Black Former Naperville Resident Discusses Traffic Stops & Racial Profiling (Tribune) Rosemont Is Paying $3.7M to Expand a Parking Garage Next to Its Village Hall (Herald) Drive-Through Doughnut Shop Rejected Due to Concerns About Ped Safety, Congestion (DNA) Ruth Page Dance Center’s Parking Lot Will Be Replaced by Housing (Tribune) Curbed Checks Out the Apartments […]

Today’s Headlines for Monday, August 31

Active Trans: Voice Support for Safer Streets & More Transit at This Week’s Budget Hearings CDOT Begins Installing Loop Link Bus Shelters (Curbed) RTA Chair: Raise the Gas Tax to Better Fund Transit (Sun-Times) As Long as Yellow Line Is Down, CTA Will Keep on Truckin’ Rail Cars to Repair Center (Tribune) Developer Is Suing Over […]

Today’s Headlines for Friday, December 23

Amazon Driver Blew Stop Sign, Fatally Striking Telesfora Escamilla, 84, in Little Village (ABC, CBS) Police Release Photos of 3 Suspects in Strong-Arm Robbery on the Red Line (Tribune) Drivers Blame GPS for Sending Them Up a Ramp and Onto Metra Tracks (DNA) Active Trans Ranks the Top Ten Transportation Stories of 2016 Aldermen Smith […]

Today’s Headlines

Cubs Agree to Add Parking Near Wrigley; Anti-Parking Petition Circulates (Tribune) CTA Blames Weather for Drop in February Bus Ridership (RedEye) 46th Ward Participatory Budgeting Expo Incudes Innovative Bike/Ped Projects (Transitized) CTA to Roll Out “Ventra Mobiles” to Educate Public (Tattler) CDOT Works to Reduce the Frequency of Pavement Openings (Tribune) Man Charged With Running […]