Today’s Headlines

  • Development With 426 Parking Spaces Proposed for Logan Mega Mall Site (Curbed)
  • Alderman Arena Discusses Jeff Park P-Street Proposal (DNA)
  • RedEye Takes a Tour of the Bloomingdale Trail
  • Barrington Hills NIMBYs Continue to Freak Out Over Bike Lane Plan (Herald)
  • Fagel Gets Judge to Nix 2 Red Light Tickets But Loses 3 Speeding Tickets (Expired Meter)
  • 49th Ward Launches Logo Design Competition for 100 Rogers Park Bike Racks (DNA)
  • Uptown Residents Vote on Mural Designs for Wilson, Lawrence Viaducts (DNA)
  • Defunct News Kiosks Will Be Converted Into Healthy Food Stands (Tribune)
  • Cool Photographs From the CTA’s Past (Time Out)

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  • Anne A

    I think that John Arena’s proposed strip mall ban sounds like a great idea for improving walkability.

  • ohsweetnothing

    426 parking spaces.
    In a neighborhood with 3 (maybe 4 if you want to count Belmont) el stops running straight through it.
    On a street that’s already struggling to contain the high amount of bike and auto traffic.
    In a neighborhood with a ton of bike facilities…that are still not enough (see: Logan Square Blue Line station during the week)
    In a neighborhood with 3-4 proposed TOD developments.
    426 parking spaces.

    I hope this is the developer’s attempt at coming in high and negotiating down. Way down. Because this is crazy tone deaf if this is a serious proposal.

  • Str0ng

    There are already sidewalks.

  • Str0ng

    Perhaps that is what retailers demand. No one likes taking the train to go grocery shopping.

  • ohsweetnothing

    People get to the grocery store in a variety of ways. Train, car, bus, bike, walk.
    The Mariano’s in Ukrainian village has 101 parking spaces. 426 is ridiculous for that location.

  • Str0ng

    The grocery store is slotted for just under a 25% of the retail space. Proportionally, the number of spots is about the same.

  • Kevin M

    Yeah, and a 40,000 square-foot grocery store…warehouse, really, is a terrible idea for a dense urban neighborhood.

    Call it a Mariano’s, Trader Joe’s, or whatever…a 40k square foot grocer by any other name than Walmart is just a pig with lipstick.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Yes, if you’re cookie cutter developing that would work wouldn’t it? The locations and neighborhoods are entirely different. And that assumes that every retailer that operates there is as auto-dependent as you believe grocery stores are. Not buying it.

  • Str0ng

    “The locations and neighborhoods are entirely different.”

    You’re the one who brought up the comparison in the first place in case you forgot.

    Frankly it doesn’t matter if you’re buying it or not, the goal of the developer is to profit. They wouldn’t put parking there if it wasn’t needed, as leasing space for retail is generally more profitable per square foot. But alas, to have retail, you need parking.

  • Str0ng

    Okay you can shop at 7-11 then.

  • ohsweetnothing

    The point of the comparison was that a much more “auto-oriented” location only has 101 spots. You scaled up proportionally.

    “They wouldn’t put parking there if it wasn’t needed” – that’s been shown to be wrong time and time again.

  • Str0ng

    “”They wouldn’t put parking there if it wasn’t needed” – that’s been shown to be wrong time and time again.”

    Where has it been show wrong time and time again?

    You think someone would invest millions of dollars in a project style that allegedly has a track record failing? You think that no one at these places takes the time to thoroughly examine their target demographics?

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    CAVES = Citizens Against Virtually Everything.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Where has it been shown that no one likes taking the train to go grocery shopping?

    Anecdotal of course, but I rarely find myself in a retail parking garage (in the neighborhoods, downtown is another beast) that’s anywhere near capacity.

    And do I think a large developer would find a formula that works one place and apply it over and over again to different communities with little regard to demographics beyond income info?? Yes. Yes I absolutely do.

  • Str0ng

    Your entire stance on this is based off your personal experience and the fact that you think you are smarter than the professionals, despite them being fairly leveraged.

  • ohsweetnothing

    lol, and yours? For the record I work with some of the professionals in this very field, but please…carry on with your assumptions about my perspective.

    Honestly I know your posting history and I’m annoyed I’ve gone this far down the rabbit hole with you. No more though.

  • Please refrain from personal attacks. Future posts of this nature will be deleted. Thanks.

  • rohmen

    Seriously?? The Dominick’s/Mariano’s on Chicago Ave in Ukrainian Village is 50,000+, and that’s probably one of the smallest chain grocery stores I’ve been in in Chicago.

    40K is not a mega-store by any stretch of the imagination; and to compare a store with a 40k footprint to Walmart is just silly in my opinion.

    In all likelihood, it probably is going to be a Trader Joe’s, and I’ve never seen a TJ’s that could ever be described as a “warehouse.”

  • Str0ng

    You should feel blessed.

  • Mishellie

    The grocery situation is logan square is NOT good. I shop at walgreens on my way home from work more than any other store.

  • Mishellie

    No that would not work unless slurpees are vegetables.

    Logan Square badly needs a real grocery store closeby to an el station and east/west busses. This location is PERFECT.

    But I’d agree that that sounds like far too many parking spots.

  • rohmen

    This. I know several families that live within half a mile of the Square. Right now, those families are driving to the Mariano’s on Western and Roscoe, which is close to two miles away (I know this because they constantly complain about having to do so).

    People have complained about a lack of a decent grocery store in this area for years, including people who lived in Logan Square well before the rapid gentrification took hold.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Huh? I agree with you re: it should be a grocery store. My only gripe is the # of spaces.

  • Kevin M

    Folks, rohmen, unless you think you need 5 different brands of every available product and paper towel displays towered thirty feet high, you don’t need 50k or 40k or anywhere close to that size of a store in order to get all of the groceries you actually need out of a single store.

  • rohmen

    I don’t necessarily disagree with you, though I think for a myriad of reasons, price charged for goods being one of them, the 40k plus supermarket is the reality we face in the U.S.

    There have been many 10,000 sq. ft. or smaller empty spaces in Logan Square for years–yet, even as the population demographics have changed to support even high-end food retailers, very few small scale, independent corner grocers stepped up to fill the apparent void.

    The reality is that people are currently leaving that area and driving to the 40k sq. ft. plus (usually 80k plus in reality) grocers which are over 2 miles away.

    Having a relatively-small (and I stress relative) 40k grocer in that area, and by extension cutting down on the amount of 2-mile-plus car trips taken by residents, is a good thing in my mind.

  • cjlane

    “you don’t need 50k or 40k or anywhere close to that size of a store in order to get all of the groceries you actually need out of a single store”

    Ok, AND…so what? Who are the retailers who are willing to open these ‘actual need’ sized grocery stores (don’t point to NYC; it is sui generis; don’t point overseas, food-lifestyle is very different), and are making them successful? Can they be price competitive *enough* to keep people from driving to a 50k SF alternative?

    If that business model is a sure fire win, why don’t you get the pitchbook together and make it work? You make it sound so easy.

  • Dave