Today’s Headlines

  • Active Trans Launches Petition to Support Transit Future Funding Campaign
  • Red Line Trains Rerouted to Elevated Tracks After Smoke Detected at Grand (NBC)
  • Emanuel Proposes 2 Different Categories of Ride-Share Licenses (Sun-Times)
  • Aldermen Push Ordinance to Regulate E-Bikes (DNA)
  • Metra Will Hold Next Board Meeting in Wheaton (Tribune)
  • Driver Critically Injures Pedestrian in East Garfield Park (Tribune)
  • Motorist Who Killed Pedestrian in Aurora Had Marijuana in System (Tribune)
  • Blue Washington Station Use Increases After Tranfer Fee Eliminated (RedEye)
  • Despite Corruption Chicago Area Transit Is Economically Efficient (City Notes)
  • Niles Board Approves Final Draft of Bike and Ped Plan (Bugler)
  • More coverage of BBF Bikes, a Female Focused Shop (RedEye)
  • Cyclists Rejoice in the Arrival of Spring (Depaulia)

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  • cjlane

    “Motorist Who Killed Pedestrian in Aurora Had Marijuana in System”

    Didn’t realize y’all sided with the prohibitionists.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    “Despite Corruption Chicago Area Transit Is Economically Efficient”.

    Drilling your well next to the outhouse may be efficient too,

  • JacobEPeters

    driving while intoxicated should not be encouraged

  • We’re not prohibitionist against alcohol either, but we’re anti-DUI.

  • cjlane

    Since when is having marijuana compounds in ones blood the same as intoxication? Many/most allergy medications impair ones driving, but having remnants in your blood is not grounds for a DUI. Believing that *any* level (none was disclosed–state law says “under the influence”) of marijuana compounds in one’s blood is a prohibitionist mindset, as the compounds remain for a (relatively) long time. It basically makes use and *operating a vehicle (which includes a bike)* within the same week a dicey proposition.

  • JacobEPeters

    While it is true that there is no test for marijuana as accurate as breathalyzers for BAC

    There is a major lack of education about the fact that marijuana impairs driving ability. It is not prohibitionist to report when someone who killed a pedestrian did so under the reported use of that substance.

    It is an accusation I take offense to, because our drug policy is as misinformed as my buddy who used to claim that he “drove much better high.”

  • rohmen

    It will definitely be interesting to see how states like Colorado deal with potential marijuana-related accidents, assuming there is some type of observable spike.

    In Illinois, though, ANY detectable amount of marijuana in your blood or urine can result in a DUI. While I agree that stoned driving is a potential concern as the legal barriers finally come down around its use, and that states which legalize marijuana will probably need to set a standard some day of what is acceptable with regards to operating a vehicle after use, Illinois’ standard is pretty ridiculous.

  • cjlane

    “It is not prohibitionist to report when someone who killed a pedestrian did so under the reported use of that substance.”

    A large percentage of anti-prohibitionists would disagree with you. Heck, I’m basically neutral, merely leaning toward Peter Tosh, and not at all a user, and I see the reporting of (*possibly*) ‘one drop’ as a political statement in favor of prohibition.

    That said, your buddy was clearly a bozo.

  • lindsaybanks

    You should update the “critically injured” pedestrian mention — he died.