Todays Headlines

  • Metra Board Makes Interim CEO Don Orseno Permanent (Sun-Times)
  • Snowfall Causes Car Crashes, Metra Delays (Tribune, NBC)
  • Smith Gives Conditional Approval to Children’s Memorial Plan (Sun-Times)
  • Rahm Proposes Ordinance to Regulate Ride Share (Sun-Times)
  • Sports Center Moves Forward Despite Complaints About Street Closure (DNA)
  • Guilty Verdict in Romeoville Road Rage Death (Tribune)
  • Harsh Sentence for Andersonville Bike Thief — 8 Years Prison (DNA)
  • CBS’s Savini Pleads Guilty to DUI, Gets $1,700 Fine, 1 Year Supervision (Tribune)
  • More Noise From Cardenas on BRT (DNA)
  • Winter Bike Swap Takes Place February 15 at Jak’s Tap (NBC)
  • Auctioned CTA Car Going to Ohio “Theme Park of Food” (RedEye)
  • Meet the Sock Man, a CTA Entrepreneur (DNA)

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  • Tuff on CR1M3

    Re: Harsh sentence for bike thief

    The guy was a career criminal who had racked up multiple felonies. If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime.

  • Can we apply that rule to Daley’s nephew, who just got 60 days of prison for killing a man?

  • Kevin M

    The Morgan Park Sports Center article offers substance to the Ashland BRT debate.


  • Tuff on CR1M3

    Vanecko threw one punch with zero intent to kill. It’s unfortunate what happened, but involuntary manslaughter is the best you’re going to get, so stop comparing apples to oranges.

  • Matt F

    What were Daley’s nephew’s career crimes and multiple felonies? I’ve never heard of him until now.

  • SP_Disqus

    I strongly recommend reading Michelle Alexander’s “The New Jim Crow.” It might give you a different perspective on the the options available to the felon undercaste.

  • I posted a similar comment on the BRT DNA article but i was hoping someone here might have some thoughts. Can you name any neighborhood (US or abroad) that was made less desirable or saw adverse effects due to the construction of transit?
    I really can’t think of any. I can think of transit projects that were, at least initially, disappointing in terms of ridership but, i can’t think of any projects where the transit was considered to be a detriment to the neighborhood.

  • rohmen

    I get the felon undercaste argument, and I agree in large part with the EEOC’s efforts to remove criminal background checks as an automatic disqualifier for employment due to the disproportionate impact such checks have on minorities (especially when one considers that many–including felony– convictions trace back to victimless drug crimes).

    That said, this guy had committed nine prior felonies (all residential burglary, apparently). Nine felonies is a pretty staggering amount of prior criminal conduct.

  • rohmen

    If you look at Webb’s own comments, even he notes “any” prison time–even just the 60 days–is more than most “one-punch” offenders actually receive (according to Webb, most receive just probation).

    I personally feel 60 days is a pretty light sentence for felony involuntary manslaughter, but it does not appear that Vanecko received a lighter sentence than normal–instead he may have actually received a lengthier sentence (which I admit seems laughable) than most would have in his position.

  • cjlane

    “this guy had committed nine prior felonies (all residential burglary, apparently)”

    If it was reported–and I read it–correctly, he had been *convicted* of nine prior felonies. Which, in all likelihood, means that he committed more than 9, or that he was an *exceptionally* incompetent burglar.

  • rohmen

    Well, as the 2008 financial crisis taught us, it’s only a crime if you get caught (or indicted as the case may be)…..

  • Was it you I responded to about the Woodlawn/Jackson Park demolition of a mile of Green Line because of a clergyman who thought it was a detriment to the neighborhood?

    Not an answer to your question, but important history. Transit that goes away rarely comes back.

  • It was! I just think that this is the strongest case for BRT. Not one person can name a transit project that was ultimately bad for its neighborhood.


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