Today’s Headlines

  • Federal Appropriations Bill Is Good News for Red and Purple Line Funding (Crain’s)
  • Orseno Defends Metra Performance During Last Week’s Chiberia (Tribune)
  • Metra Trains Crowded Due to Repairs of Cars Damaged During Big Chill (Sun-Times)
  • New Ravenswood Metra Station Slated to Open in May (DNA)
  • Austin Will Be Getting Divvy Stations (
  • It’s Time to Move Beyond PBLs With Plastic Posts (Active Trans)
  • Due to Potential Conflict, Special Prosecutor Requested for Savini DUI Case (Tribune)
  • Driver Doors Female Cyclist in West Town, Walks Away (Keating)
  • Is Rogers Park Really a Parking-Deprived Neighborhood? (DNA)
  • Video: Enjoying Chiberia From a Bicycle Seat (HuffPo)

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  • CL

    “Is Rogers Park Really a Parking-Deprived Neighborhood?”

    YES. I’ve been brought to tears by my inability to find a legal parking space, that I wouldn’t have to vacate hours before I usually wake up, when I get home late.

    The biggest problem is overnight parking, which the new garage would permit, for a reasonable rate. During the day, you can usually find a space if you’re willing to search and then walk a few blocks. But at night, the streets are completely crammed.

  • Fred Durst

    Given the popularity of the Ravenswood Metra, would it make sense to consider building a station at Diversey. Just eyeballing it, it is close to a mile from the nearest CTA station and is a crowded residential and commercial area.

  • Fred

    Is the issue not enough parking spaces or too many cars?

  • jared.kachelmeyer

    Is there no where to rent a parking space now?

  • CL

    I understand and agree that adding more free parking would bring more cars, but this is the kind of parking we should want because it’s not free. There is very little street parking at night in Rogers Park, and that will always be the case, but I’m expecting a paid garage to have spots available because of its size and the fact that it costs money.

  • CL

    It looks like you can rent a space at Kevin’s garage (described in the article) although it only has 25 spots, so this would bring many more spots that could be rented.

    I don’t actually live on that side of Rogers Park, so someone who does could tell you more about the existing options. On my side of Rogers Park, there aren’t garages to rent, but every so often someone will post a flier advertising one spot (basically renting the spot at their private residence)

  • SP_Disqus

    The Rodgers Park area near Sheridan is almost entirely made up of large high rises and apartment buildings. There is definitely too many cars in the area.

  • Fred

    But wouldn’t it be better to invest in the things necessary to make having a car unnecessary in this neighborhood rather than building more parking? Creating jobs, fortifying the neighborhood, reducing traffic congestion, and increasing property values?

  • CL

    I think the issue isn’t Rogers Park but the Chicago area as a whole. RP is fairly walkable already — it’s not perfect, but you can walk to grocery stores and retail, and East Rogers Park especially is near the red line and several bus routes.

    But, the neighborhood is poorly connected if you reverse commute to the burbs (especially beyond Evanston) or if you need to go west in addition to going north or south. It’s easy to get to any neighborhood along the red line — going anywhere else means waiting, transfers, and slowwww local busses. People are going to cling to their cars as long as that’s the case, regardless of minor improvements to calm traffic and make Rogers Park more walkable.

    Of course, I support any improvements that will make us less car dependent in the neighborhood — but in the mean time, I’m cool with a private company giving me (well, not me personally since I don’t live near the site) a place to park when I get home late. Because it will be decades (at least) before transit improves to the point where RP residents can reasonably access most of the city without cars.

  • Check out Natasha Julius’s series of transit on Beachwood Reporter, especially part 2, “look at a map”.

  • what_eva

    I’ve heard tale of plans for a transfer station at Addison 10-15 years ago. There was available land between the tracks on the south side of Addison. Metra would build a station at Addison, a joint station house would be built on the south side of the street, all would be nice. Instead, the land went to a clouted developer who built the townhouses that stand there now.

    I’ve never dug into the story because the concept just pisses me off. An infill station at Addison would be perfect.


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